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VMware VI3 vs MS Virtualization Technology Networking

PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:59 pm
by forumadmin
This post is actually we have received by e-mail from Jonathan Reininger and would like to share it with everyone.

I reviewed some of your documents comparing VMware ESX to Microsoft's
virtualization technology

Nowhere in your articles does it list ESXs ability to create virtual
switches, make custom virtual VLANs port groups, team outgoing NICS (w/
3 different algorithms to support load balancing/trucking, etc).

We created an environment 4 Hosts in a ESX cluster, each host as
VirtualSwitches in 3 different VLANs, that attached to a NIC team to an
outside Cisco ASA device allows VMs on the same host to talk or not talk
to each other. I think there is no way this could be done w/ any MS
product at this time.


Jonathan Reininger
OITS Engineering Team

VMware vs MS Virtualization Technology networking

PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 8:05 pm
by forumadmin
In reply to Jonathan comment:

MS Hyper-V support virtual switching and multiple VLans just as VMware does even though not as convinient to setup, but still MS Virtual Server does not support that. We will update the VMware vs MS Virtual Serverwith this information soon.

Thanks for your comment,